10 NFT Ideas and Its Meteoric Rise in 2022

What Is NFT?

How Do Non-fungible Tokens Work?

Who Needs NFTS: Business Ideas for Token Entrepreneurs

Auction Sales of Works of Art

Play-To-Earn NFT Games

NFT Community

NFT Airdrops

Creating Your Own NFT Token

NFT Trading on Marketplaces

Online NFT Courses

Become an NFT Artist


Influencer Marketing Business

NFT Risks

Capital Loss

NFT Depreciation

Fraudsters in the NFT Sector

Difficulties With Cashing Out

Difficulty With Finding an NFT Developers Team

Benefits You Get With Icoda

  • Paid advertising;
  • Collaboration with influencers and bloggers;
  • Video & content creation;
  • SMM strategy development;
  • Listing NFTs on the most popular platforms;
  • PR activities.

Successful NFT Ideas: Good Examples of How to Become a Part of the NFT World

Cool Cats


Paris Hilton’s Planet Paris

Louis Vuitton Video Game




Fundraising & Community for Crypto Projects

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ICODA Agency

Fundraising & Community for Crypto Projects

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