Centralized Exchanges VS Decentralized Exchange? Why Centralized Exchanges Will Lead Crypto To The Future


DEXs Benefits and Drawbacks

  • Because users do not need to transfer their assets to the exchange, decentralized exchanges reduce the risk of theft from the hacking of exchanges.
  • Decentralized exchanges can also prevent price manipulation or faked trading volume through wash trading, and are more anonymous than exchanges which implement know your customer requirements.
  • While DEXs offer non-custodial solutions and run everything on-chain, the fact that every single order and transaction is made public on-chain leads to a possibility of blockchain node operators frontrunning users’ trades. This can hinder the individual trading experience as well as the growth of the crypto community.

DEXs vs Centralized Exchanges: Scalability And Liquidity

DEXs vs Centralized Exchanges: Regulations And Requirements



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