Cosmos Project Promotion: Why Marketing Is So Important

Evolution of the Blockchain World

The first was bitcoin, which has now become a kind of gold — the equivalent of cost and value. This is its only purpose since the first blockchain was imperfect. It doesn’t scale well, is slow, and runs on the now obsolete Proof-of-Work algorithm.

How the Cosmos Network Was Created

The first step towards its implementation was made in 2014 by enthusiast Jae Kwon. He researched byzantine fault tolerance (BFT). The search for solutions to this problem has been going on since 1975. It is a mathematical description of fail-safe messaging between nodes so that the system as a whole keeps working.

Project Marketing Analysis

Rereading articles from those years, you can notice an extremely rare mention of an upcoming startup, although the Cosmos team has been blogging since 2014. However, 4 articles per year are depressingly small for promotion.

How Does Cosmos Work

The platform is built on the Proof of Stake algorithm to achieve maximum security in the chain. The structure is reminiscent of space stations from Sci-Fi movies. In the center, there is a node — the Cosmos Hub.

Role of the Cosmos Hub

Cosmos Hub is the first hub created in the decentralized network. The founders adopted the principle of building Cosmos from the Internet, where hubs play the role of connecting subnets to each other. At the same time, technologies are not important. The main thing is that a common protocol is supported. The Cosmos Hub is a central registry.

How Is the Exchange of Cryptocurrency Done?

When sending a digital asset between Cosmos nodes, the amount is frozen in the sender’s chain blocks, and then it is generated in the recipient’s chain blocks. The main data coordinating unit is the Cosmos Hub. It is fast, inexpensive, and implements blockchain interoperability.


Cosmos runs on the PoS algorithm — Proof of Stake and is governed by decentralized network validators. The Cosmos Atom governance token is used for staking and voting, as well as payment of transaction fees. To become a validator, you need to buy Cosmos tokens — Atom, deploy a validator node and apply.

Atom Governance Token

You can buy Atom coins on all major platforms. At the time of writing, the capitalization was $4,156,148,125. The cost of Atom, according to Coinmarketcap, is $14.69.

Smart Contracts in Cosmos

To support the development of smart contracts in the Cosmos network, the CosmWasm platform was created. Technically, it is a module that can be easily connected to the Cosmos SDK to implement smart contracts in your blockchain or application. The developers have access to tools “out of the box” to deploy their networks faster and easier. The language for writing contracts is RUST.

Projects in the Cosmos Ecosystem

More than 265 projects built have already been created or connected to the Cosmos network, including Binance Chain. Most of the platforms belong to the universe of decentralized finance and are designed for trading and staking. You can actively participate in them or get passive income.





Regen Network

Alternative Platforms for Hosting Decentralized Applications


The basic blockchain implements scalability, high transaction speed, and minimal transaction fees. It has run since 2017. PandoraDEX exchange runs on it.


A parachain that, like Cosmos, should implement a simple inter blockchain communication. Although it is still in the development stage, the project is quite well-known.


A popular hosting for projects built. It offers very low transaction fees. SushiSwap, UniSwap v3, Crypto Punks 2 run on it. It is supported by leading NFT marketplaces, including OpenSea.


This platform has an ambitious goal of overtaking Ethereum. Initially, it was created as an alternative — a blockchain with support for smart contracts but with high transaction processing speed and scalability. It is built on the Delegated Proof of Stake algorithm. Upland, PROSPECTORS, and AtomicAssets are deployed on it.

Why DeFi Needs Marketing

You can check the answer to this question yourself by analyzing DApps statistics on Decentralized finance applications are released every day. There are more than enough platforms for their creation, and the competition is growing. For example, let’s consider the list of DApps for the EOS blockchain.

  • Generating the company’s development strategy;
  • PR campaign to promote the brand;
  • Promotion on YouTube through the best bloggers;
  • Media and content marketing on leading platforms.



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