CryptoPunks: What Made Them Special and How to Make a Cryptopunk Yourself

What Are CryptoPunks

Each one of 10000 CryptoPunks is generated to be unique

Every Punk Has Its Own Page

CryptoPunk 5822 is the most expensive CryptoPunk NFT, sold for $23.7M

What Makes Each NFT Token Unique

Every crypto punk image is a unique mixture of one of 5 types and up to seven of 87 attributes

What Made CryptoPunks Successful




Media hype

Market Data Behind CryptoPunks’ Success

Price Range

Number of Sales

Number of Holders

How to Buy a CryptoPunk?

How to Create Your Own NFT Like Cryptopunks?

Step 1. Create Your Artwork

Create a Layered Character Template

All the features of the character are on different layers. On the left, the bug has cute eyes and a mouth.

Generate a Set of Characters

Step 2. Top Up Your Digital Wallet

Step 3. Choose an NFT Marketplace

Step 4. Mint

Step 5. Promote Your NFT Project on the Web



Fundraising & Community for Crypto Projects

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