DApps Development Issues: From Creating to Using

Starting With Basics of Decentralized Apps

Decentralized Application Essential Features

  1. Open-source platform.
  2. Decentralized nature (during the creation, the development company does the app using a cryptographic algorithm similar to blockchain).
  3. Crypto tokens or digital assets for refueling.
  4. Reports and data are stored in a public area on decentralized storage.
  5. A specific protocol that generates tokens. It also should have a built-in consensus mechanism.

All the Main Advantages

  1. Privacy. All the data is stored in the form of many encrypted copies, but only the key owner has access to it.
  2. Speed. Instead of constantly accessing the nearest server, all data can be accessed from nearby devices.
  3. Sustainability. In the absence of a single centralized server, it’s impossible to destroy info or block users’ access to it.
  4. Total anonymity. Most DApps do not need your identity. You just need a login and a verified crypto wallet.
  5. Such apps provide high protection against DDoS attacks, SQL injection, XML bombs, and cross-site leaks.

DApp’s Disadvantages

  • Low usability (few users understand the features of such add-ons. So, it can be difficult to understand the user interface);
  • The handling complexity (after the release, introducing new features or fixing bugs can be problematic, so you need to spend a lot of effort on preliminary testing);
  • Network delays (which is why you need to check whether too many computing resources will be loaded).

DApp Examples

  • Uniswap — a platform that runs on Ethereum smart contracts;
  • Auctionity — a platform with secure virtual auctions;
  • Crypto Kitties — a game that became popular in the Ethereum blockchain at some point.

What Is DApp Development?

How to Build Dapps: Where to Start?

DApp Development Process in 5 Steps

Step 1.

Step 2.

Step 3.

Step 4.

Step 5.

Determinants of the Cost of Development



  • What blockchain data platform will you use?
  • What tech stack do you choose?
  • Will it be necessary to create a separate API?

DApp Type

  1. Type I DApp development — Such apps are created based on their own blockchain. For example, Bitcoin or Ethereum.
  2. Type II DApp development — Similar projects are created on I blockchains. Such apps are protocols and have fungible tokens. An example would be Omni.
  3. III Type DApp development. These add-ons use type II protocols.

Labor Costs

  • The size of the professional team.
  • Locations (outsourcing or outstaffing).
  • Inclusion of insurance and vacation pay in wages.
  • Different professional levels of developers.

Smart Contracts for Making Decentralized Applications

What Is a Smart Contract

How Are Smart Contracts Used in Dapps Development?

  • Scalability.
  • Privacy.
  • Order fairness.
  • Connectivity with an external data source or system.

Traditional App Development

Pros and Cons of Traditional Apps creation

What Are Decentralized Network Apps Used For?

DeFi Dapp Development

DApps for the Internet of Things

DApps for the Gaming Industry

Prospects of DeFi App Development





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