ERC-20 Token Development Company: How to Find the Most Suitable One?

  • Uniswap, 1inch, Synthetix, dYdX, and other AMM protocols.
  • Landing protocols Curve, Aave, and Compound.
  • NFT marketplaces OpenSea and Rarible.
  • Blockchain games Decentraland and Axie Infinity.

Token — What Is That?

  • Ethereum (ERC20 token)
  • Binance Smart Chain (BSC) — BEP20
  • Tron — TRC20
  • Cardano (ADA)
  • Cosmos (ATOM)
  • Solana (SOL).

What Types of Tokens Are There?

Security Tokens

Utility Tokens

Non Fungible Tokens

What Is the ERC20 Token?

Features of ERC20 Token

Extra Benefits of Ethereum Token Development

  • Network security and smart contracts reliability.
  • Availability of services for token migration.
  • Uniform standard for DApps and token development.
  • Stability of work, absence of problems, and interruptions. Solana network — one of the main Ethereum competitors — suffers from suspended transactions on a semi-regular basis.
  • Simplified token development, accompanied by numerous documentation, not to mention a large number of user manuals on the subject. Any user can smoothly make their own customized source code.
  • ERC20 token standards are accepted by virtually all exchanges and token development services, avoiding many issues related to product compatibility and lack of liquidity.

Why Do You Need Your Own Ethereum Token?

Ethereum Token Development

How to Make Your Own Ethereum Token?

Creating by Yourself vs Ethereum Token Development Services

  • You don’t know what functions a crypto token should have. How to determine emission? What is the correct name for the token? What do you need a custom smart contract for? What features will keep the platform competitive? ERC20 token development company will help you answer these questions.
  • You can make critical mistakes. If hackers discover vulnerabilities in the source code, you risk losing all your token users and your business being seriously affected. Even if you fix the problem, it will be very difficult to restore the reputation.
  • Partner support is needed to list your token on major cryptocurrency exchanges, and a leading token development company is a perfect choice.

How Much Does Ethereum Token Development Cost?

  1. Smart contract development.
  2. Design and testing of tokens.
  3. Platform creation or protocol (DApp) development.
  4. Token marketing and promotion in different channels.
  5. Token listing on exchange platforms.

How to Pick Ethereum Token Development Services?

  • Promotion and PR of crypto projects.
  • Custom blockchain and smart contracts development.
  • Digital wallet creation.
  • Tokens listings for IEOs.

The Main Stages of Ethereum Token Development

Whitepaper Development

  • What tokens do you offer?
  • What functions do they have, and what problems do they solve?
  • How will your ERC20 token be useful, and why should you invest in it?
  • What will be the development of Ethereum tokens, and does your platform have a perspective?
  • Why is your token special? What makes it different from other solutions?

Token Creation

  • The token name is the name of the future asset that reflects the essence of your business.
  • The symbol is a ticker or short name for the Ethereum token. For example, Tether uses USDT, while Uniswap uses UNI.
  • Total supply: the maximum number of tokens issued. You decide how many tokens are issued in total: you can issue 1 trillion, 1 million, 10,000, or even 1 token. Moreover, the distribution format is also different. For example, you can release 50% of the tokens for sale at once and distribute another 30% as stake rewards.
  • Decimal: number of decimal places. For most tokens, the number 16 is used. The same USDT can be divided up to 0.00000001 units.

Token Wallet Development

  • Token transfers.
  • Individual wallet accounts.
  • Unique addresses generator
  • Support for multiple assets, crypto coins, Non-Fungible Tokens, etc.
  • Work with AMM protocols, DEX, and other cryptocurrency exchange platforms.
  • Hardware security: cold wallets support.
  • Ethereum calls.
  • Security features: Multisig, Passphrase, 2FA, Air-Gapped, and more.
  • Digital wallet creation.

Marketing and ICO Development


  • Whitepaper development.
  • Crypto token creation and smart contract development.
  • Token wallet development.
  • Promotion and PR.
  • Conducting ICO, IEO, or IDO.



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