How to Make BEP20 Token and Whether It Is as Easy as It Might Seem on the Surface

What Is the Purpose of a Digital Token?

What Are Smart Contracts?

What Is the Connection Between a Token and Smart Contracts?

What Are BEP20 Tokens?

Who Might Need to Create a BEP20 Token?

Cost to Create BEP20 Token

Why Binance Smart Chain Network?

How to Make Your Own BEP20 Token: Step-By-Step Instructions

Setting up a Wallet

Connecting to the Binance Smart Chain Testnet

Topping up the Account

Writing the Program of a Smart Contract

Compiling a Smart Contract

Make a BEP20 Token Deployment

The Amount of the Fee to Create a BEP20 Token

A Custom Token and Contract Transaction

Finish of the BEP20 Token Development: Verification and Publication

The Specifics of Developing a BEP20 Token

Project Promotion




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