How to Promote NFT on Twitter?

Why Is Twitter in Demand Among NFT and Cryptocurrency Supporters?

There are at least two reasons for this. The first one is that Twitter is especially popular among users participating in various promotions, airdrops, initial public offerings (ICO, IEO, IDO, IFO, etc.), as it allows you to quickly find the information you need about current events and follow blockchain projects. This social network often hosts giveaways and contests for following, retweets, and other activities.

How to Promote Non Fungible Tokens on Twitter: 5 Effective Ways

Project creators can regularly post meaningful information about a project, do their own NFT dropы among followers, promote NFT collections, prepare posts to attract an audience, run audience contests, and more. Twitter has all the necessary tools, which makes it so popular among blockchain projects, NFT authors, and other artists.


The first thing you should know is that partnerships are an important element in developing projects and promoting NFTs. The more partners and the better known they are, the greater the chances of attracting a large audience willing to buy your NFTs. Partners and advisors provide strong support to projects in the media landscape.

NFT Drops

One way to attract users is to give away tokens. For promotional purposes, you can attract an audience by giving away an NFT collection to increase interest in your project or by offering to mint NFTs at symbolic prices. This practice is very common among platforms and artists releasing their first collections. However, they often use well-known platforms like OpenSea, Rarible, or Binance NFT to attract more users.


Create and publish contributions to the NFT project. However, it is important to create a proper marketing and content plan and distribute the posts in a way that your audience does not mistake them for spam. Otherwise, the publications may alienate potential buyers. It’s not a good idea to clutter the channel with promotional posts for Twitter.

Use Hashtags

Here is another good tip: add hashtags to your posts so that your posts are seen by as many crypto Twitter users as possible. These hashtags can be #NFT #Drop #Tokensale #Art #Collection #Mint and many others. And of course, don’t forget to add your own hashtags with the name of your project — this will help increase brand awareness.

NFT Twitter Parties

Another way to advertise in the crypto community is through Twitter Party. Simply put, this is a scheduled chat where the speaker communicates with other participants, answers their questions, and talks about his NFT project. Twitter Parties not only help establish contacts and gain a loyal audience but also allow users to quickly get useful information about the project and find answers to their questions.

  • Ask participants to retweet the post announcing the event.
  • Point out that not only do you need to be present in the chat to participate in the raffle, but you also need to be active: for example, ask moderator questions, share your opinion about the project, and so on.
  • Point out that you need to take additional actions: for example, send a tweet, leave a comment, add a link to the channel on your website or blog post, record short videos about the project with links to the channel.

Targeted Advertising

Twitter ads are an expensive but quite effective way to promote an NFT project if done right. However, targeting works most effectively with well-known brands that have already built a loyal audience using marketing tools. The more this audience is “warmed up,” the greater the return on the advertising campaigns. If you target a cold audience, your ad spend will be too high for a low ROI. You also risk incurring losses. That’s why it’s important to properly promote your project on Twitter, to find and use the most effective advertising opportunities.

Checklist: How to Promote NFT and Attract the Crypto Community on Twitter

  • Invite partners or artists to participate in your art project and promote it through their channels. The more famous they are, the higher your credibility and the more loyal the audience will be.
  • Host NFT drops, airdrops, contests with valuable prizes like tokens and NFT collections. Users will willingly participate, subscribe and help promote projects that reward them with something that is or could be worth real money.
  • Come up with a content plan and publish posts in line with the marketing strategy to effectively promote your channel. Also, create more useful and entertaining content to avoid scaring away the audience with a large number of promotional releases.
  • Host Twitter Parties to engage with your audience, provide them with more information about the project and get feedback from followers.
  • Set up and run targeted ads for a promotional art project on Twitter. This method of attracting an audience is best left to experienced experts who know how to use the budget effectively so that it gives the greatest return for the money invested.


The art industry and the NFT space are actively developing, and crypto-Twitter occupies an honorable or even almost central place in it. Create your channel and promote it using the proven methods we have described in this article. Even if you use only this one channel for promotion, you can turn your NFT project into a successful brand and release artworks and collections that people will definitely want to buy, even for a large amount.



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