The Best Cryptocurrency Reddit Users Like

What Is Reddit?

Reddit is a platform that allows anyone to create and manage their community, which is called a subreddit (subreddit). The entire social network is a social aggregation site where people curate content they find on the Internet or create themselves.

What Is Moon?

MOON tokens are the crypto money of the r/Cryptocurrency subreddit (section) of the popular Reddit forum. Sometimes it is called MOONS. The launch of the MOON took place in mid-May 2020.

Information about MOONS tokens as of November 22, 2021. Source: CoinMarketCap

The Way Reddit Released Moon

MOON crypto is a tool for encouraging users. Coins are awarded to popular authors and active forum participants. Thus, the platform maintains activity on the forum. This strategy helps to gain more and more popularity.

How Can I Get Moon Tokens?

Content authors and active participants of the platform can receive MOON crypto, as the developers planned. There are also several alternative ways to become a coin owner on the market.

The Best Crypto Communities on Reddit

  • /R/BITCOIN — 254,076 subscribers
  • R/DARKNETMARKETS — 142,978 subscribers
  • /R/ETHEREUM — 83,945 subscribers
  • /R/DOGECOIN — 77,685 subscribers
  • /R/BTC — 43,228 subscribers

Where to Buy It?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to purchase a forum token on popular digital asset exchanges. But there are alternative schemes. For example, you can buy MOONS on the already mentioned decentralized exchange Honeyswap. To do this, you will first need to purchase another crypto money — one that can be exchanged for tokens. Information about MOONS trading pairs is presented in the crypto card on CoinMarketCap.

Source: CoinMarketCap

Is It a Good Idea to Invest in a Reddit Token?

To invest in MOONS or not to invest? That is the question. Some members of the crypto world consider tokens useless. Others see potential in them. In particular, some investors emphasize the growth prospects of MOONS due to a gradual decrease in the volume of coins available on the market. Opponents of tokens pay attention to the fact that representatives of Reddit are in no hurry to list cryptocurrencies on popular trading platforms. Difficulties with the acquisition of MOONS, in their opinion, can negatively affect the position of coins. At the same time, do not forget that the tokens in question are tied to a specific subreddit and not Reddit as a whole.

MOON graph. Source: CoinMarketCap



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