The Best Yield Farming Crypto Solutions

What Is Yield Farming?

The Way Yield Farming Operates

How to Grow “Crops”?

The Popularity of Yield Farming

Important Information

  • TVL(total value locked) is an indicator of how many cryptocurrencies are blocked on credit and other financial markets. This indicator is useful for assessing the state of the ecosystem of productive agriculture. The “golden rule” is as follows: the more the total value locked, the more yield can be. Use US dollars, ETH, or BTC to evaluate this indicator.
  • APR is the amount of interest you pay annually. APR ignores the effect of aggravation.
  • The APY is the actual rate of return that you earn on the invested amounts. In this case, the aggregate interest matters.

Yield Farming Platforms and Protocols

Compound Finance





Curve Finance


The Risks of Yield Farming




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