The Ins and Outs of Blockchain Digital Marketing

History of Blockchain Technology

After the global financial crisis of 2008, public trust in the traditional banking system began to fall. In the light of this, an individual or a collection of expert programmers under the name Satoshi Nakamoto developed and promoted bitcoin, a peer-to-peer decentralized digital system. Asymmetric encryption, hashing, time-stamping, and consensus mechanisms are all used within the system to ensure lightning-quick yet safe trades.

How Is Blockchain Used in Digital Marketing?

Blockchain allows users to directly exchange information about products with their customers. Blockchain technology eliminates middlemen by providing smart contracts rather than burdening the middlemen like Facebook. Content can be used to promote or market any product or service.

Customer Data Collection and Digital Marketing Automation

Once digital records are stored on the blockchain, they become immovable, enabling people to see them without changing them. Blockchain transactions are stored in real-time, enabling advertisers to monitor their digital advertising expenses.

Social Media Platforms and Blockchain Digital Marketing

Other companies use blockchain technologies to establish better customer relationships. Smart contracts help businesses expand customer loyalty programs.

Personalized Digital Advertising

Some blockchain systems reward their users for sharing personal data with marketing teams so that they can use said info to bring users better ads and personalized services online.

Gold Standard

Creating a safe platform to share information will revolutionize digital marketing and online advertising. Although with such power, rules need to be put into place on how best to execute and use blockchain in marketing.

Environmental Sustainability

Data Protection

Digital Identification

Cybersecurity and Ad Fraud Protection

Cybersecurity and the prevention of ad fraud should be blockchain’s main concerns.


Blockchain should be able to work with and strengthen much other software, including legacy systems.

ICODA Blockchain Marketing Services

ICODA has been pioneering new blockchain and crypto technologies ever since 2017 and has been a leading force in the realm of blockchain for a few years now. With how varied the services we provide are, it isn’t hard to imagine we’d be an expert at blockchain marketing services as well.


Blockchain technology is evolving to encompass many spheres of our life, and it’s paramount that any and all businesses follow new future research and act fast when integrating a blockchain system into their plans.



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