The Most Notable Crypto Journalists You Should Definitely Follow

The Leading Crypto PR Journalists

Jon Rice

There Is No Place for Competition in the Blockchain

According to Rice himself, the model of his Crypto Briefing is very simple — to violate the established order. However, this also happens in crypto topics — cryptocurrency and blockchain are nothing more than a constant violation of the existing financial system.

Michael del Castillo

11 Years of Observations on Blockchain and Crypto

Michael has been covering crypto news and offline and virtual events since 2011, being the oldest reporter for the cryptocurrency industry, blockchain, and crypto. Of course, this is a person who has a name in crypto, his publications are reprinted, and Michael himself is quoted as an expert in the field of blockchain. His articles appear in leading magazines: New Yorker, Bloomberg, Silicon Valley Business Journal, and Upstart Business Journal.

Wong Joon Ian

The list of the best crypto PR journalists cannot be complete without the senior reporter of CoinDesk. Joon Ian Wong is not only a cryptocurrency journalist but also a crypto blogger who publishes his works on various platforms. His analytical articles on crypto and blockchain on the platform will be useful to everyone dealing with cryptocurrency.

Social Blockchain

Joon goes deeper into the crypto space than is generally accepted. He is one of the few journalists who pay close attention to the impact of crypto tech and phenomena on society.

Brady Dale

This crypto PR journalist from CoinDesk has been writing about blockchain technology since 2016. Cryptocurrency captured him so much that it became the main topic of all his stories. As one of the leading crypto PR journalists in a well-known magazine, Brady Dale tells his readers a lot of crypto and blockchain news. But his main advantage is his point of view, as a writing author, on everything that happens.

Makes You Think

Brady has his blog at, but most of the publications are presented on Coindesk.

A Crypto PR Journalist, an Author of a Book

Nathaniel Popper

Digital Gold: Bitcoin and the Inside Story of the Misfits and Millionaires Trying to Reinvent Money

But his main work is the world-famous book “Digital Gold: Bitcoin and the Inside Story of the Misfits and Millionaires Trying to Reinvent Money”, dedicated to the history of the development of the first cryptocurrency in person. Readers learn about the most incredible characters that influenced bitcoin: a Finnish student, an Argentine millionaire, a Chinese entrepreneur, the creator of Netscape, and others.

Camila Russo

Camilla Russo is also a well-known personality among crypto PR journalists. She collaborated as an editor with Bloomberg News in New York, Madrid, and Buenos Aires, but then she founded Defiant, an information platform dedicated to decentralized finance. Publications are dedicated to financing and the blockchain industry. Camilla is passionate about world decentralized finance and tells her readers about its most interesting aspects.

The Infinite Machine

Camilla became known in wide circles with her book “The Infinite Machine” — the first book about the history of the creation of the Ethereum blockchain. In April 2022, Ridley Scott announced a film adaptation of a book about Vitalik Buterin and the difficulties he had to face.

David Z. Morris

A prominent crypto journalist, who works for Coindesk, of course, where he is a managing editor. Cryptography has fascinated David since 2013. This cryptocurrency journalist demonstrates his commitment to cryptocurrency not only with publications — David owns digital assets in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin is Magic

His book “Bitcoin is Magic” made him famous.

Paul Vigna

The Wall Street Journal editor has written three books that are considered among the best for understanding blockchain: The Age of Cryptocurrency and The Truth Machine (co-authored with Michael J. Casey), and Guts.

The Age of Cryptocurrency

Independent Crypto Assets in Crypto Journalism

Laura Shin

Willy Woo

A Journalist Shaping Crypto Space

Caleb Silver

A Journalist Working at the Junction of Tech

Cade Metz


Each author makes an active contribution to the development of crypto-media and brings important useful information to society. Without the work of these people, the crypto industry would not have been so developed.



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