The Specifics of Blockchain Branding and How to Choose a Blockchain Design Agency

Branding 101

First, let’s talk about what branding is.

The Specifics of Branding in Blockchain

And here’s where most of today’s blockchain startups and brands fall short. It’s the question: who exactly are you branding to?

The Problems of Branding Blockchain Projects

There are several core issues that keep blockchain and decentralized finance apart from the rest of the world, but they can be roughly summarized as follows:


Many blockchain startups, owing to their level of geekiness, simply fail to realize the importance of branding and treat it as something that comes last. This is by no means how the future looks, and you should always make your branding key.

Being Too ‘Clever’ or Too ‘in’

Blockchain developers are objectively very smart — many of them smarter than a large number of their non-blockchain counterparts. It’s fair to say that their brightness and technological insight is what enabled blockchain in the first place.

Lack of Vision

As a blockchain developer, you should always keep in mind that the ultimate goal of your product is to help — but help what? That is the question that you and your brand alone have the answer to.

Lack of Targeting

Next, you need to define your target audience. You can use relatable, IRL-like avatars and define what exactly your target audience values. You shouldn’t limit yourself to just one avatar, though, as there are different types of customers that will bring in different levels of long-term/short-term demand for your products.

The Lack of a Human Touch

Blockchain is a strictly technical field that’s meant to solve strictly human problems. However, when it comes to making blockchain accessible, many developers step on the same rake over and over again: they don’t make it look human.

The Lack of UI and UX Design

One feature that makes crypto and blockchain so cryptic is the near-impenetrable UX design. If you throw a glance at some of the earliest crypto exchanges and services as an unprepared user, you’ll likely never want to do it again. This correlates with the points above: as blockchain is a tech-heavy sphere, most of the UX solutions in it are anything but approachable.

Who Cares About Blockchain Anyway?

The truth about branding is that at the stage of development, not many people (if anyone at all) outside your team can recognize the potential of your project and, therefore, can’t really relate to it and care enough as a result.

Things to Keep In Mind

Below, you’ll find some tips and ideas to keep in mind that will help your branding shape up in the best way possible.

Put the Idea First

Every visual solution should be back by the idea that expresses the essence of the brand or the unique feature of the product.

What Sets You Apart Brings You Together

As said before, the world of blockchain is replete with new ideas, most of which are actually pretty cool. But how many blockchain initiatives can you name off the tip of your tongue? Probably it’s the ones you are an immediate user of, along with some of the most well-known ones.

Freebies Make Newbies

One way to connect with your customer is to provide some valuable free content. Don’t be greedy with the “try the teaser, pay to actually use it” model. Try to find something really valuable that your brand can actually benefit from providing for free — and give it to the user.

Blockchain, Yeah, and Why Should I Care?

Clearly formulate the ‘reasons to believe’ — key features, advantages and selling points of your products. Every customer gauges the value of a brand by two meters:

  • Why someone like me might need this product

Prove That You’re You

Keep a consistent tone of voice and visual style. Inconsistent communication is like addressing your audience as ‘homies’ on one platform and ‘dear ladies and gentlemen on the other.

Umbrella Is in Again

If you have several products, consider umbrella branding. This model implies one visual constant (part of the logo) and a number of derivative sub-logos made by varying names and brands. This way, you’ll both be recognized as one global brand, and also all the products within the global brand have distinct identities. An example of that is Apple (iPhone, iPad, iMac etc.) or Google.

Typography Matters

Fonts give lots of hidden non-verbal cultural clues about the project and its character (serifs, contrast, bold or thin, static or dynamic, experimental or conservative). They can attract, and they can repel — you’d best be sure which it is in your case.

How to Choose a Blockchain Design Agency

Now that you know what blockchain product design is about let’s talk about how to choose a blockchain design.

Conduct an Internal Brand Research

Before you use the services of a blockchain design agency, you need to establish what exactly you expect from your product design — whether you need to market your project to a wider audience or to a more specific group of users with blockchain expertise. Think through your future brand’s key values, user insights and unique features. The more detailed the initial task is, the more precise and measurable the result is going to be.

Find and Study a Design Agency

Before venturing out into blockchain development, you need to have a clear vision of what the design agency can or cannot do.

A Few Words About ICODA

Even if you think you have a good idea about what your branding is about, you should always get an extra pair of eyes to curate the web development of your project. You can trust ICODA with the full range of branding and product design measures. We’ve been in the game for years, and we can say with full confidence that we know what makes a blockchain project shine. We develop your brand strategy in close collaboration with you at all times, and we can pretty much guarantee you’ll like the result.



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