Top Crypto and Blockchain Influencers on Instagram You Should be Following

Instagram is one of the most popular social platforms in the world. Even though it is traditionally perceived as something frivolous, you can still find out the latest news in the crypto space. Members of the crypto community also have their own accounts on Instagram. This social platform allows you to see the leaders of the crypto community, crypto trading, news, humorous pages, and crypto memes. There, you can find bitcoin traders, crypto influencers, trade news, and top bitcoin traders. So, here are the Top crypto accounts on Instagram to follow:

Justin Sun
Justin Sun is the founder of TRON. He uses Twitter for the provocative marketing of his projects. On Instagram, he is moderate. He posts the main news of his company, memes, and moments of his busy life.

Felix Hartman
Felix Hartman gives crypto trading and life advice on his Instagram. He also talks about meetings with prominent representatives of the crypto influencers and his participation in various events — a good account with useful information.

Anthony Pompliano
Anthony is one of the most famous people in the crypto space. He is a big influencer on Twitter and has his own crypto podcast, Off the Chain. Besides, he tends to be a frequent guest of TV and YouTube shows.

Omar Bhan
Omar Bhan is a crypto enthusiast and host of a popular podcast and YouTube channel about crypto trading. Omar attends the best blockchain events and speaks with the best minds in the industry. You can find the latest crypto news, graphs, and screenshots flash in his profile. Bhan is an exemplary example of a crypto millionaire who got rich on early investments.

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss
Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss are known as entrepreneurs who sued Zuckerberg for authoring the idea of the Facebook social network and the first public bitcoin billionaires. In 2013, they spent $11 million, buying BTC at $120 per coin and becoming owners of about 1% of their total.

Roger Ver
Roger is an early bitcoin investor. He is also the creator of Bitcoin Cash. On his Instagram account, Ver posts photos from crypto events, his team’s work, recreation, travel, and training.

Didi Taihuttu
In the fall of 2017, Didi Taihuttu, a 39-year-old IT specialist from the Netherlands, sold all the family property and used all the money, including pension savings, to buy 85 VTS. The original plan was to wait until 2020, sell the aircraft, and use the money to live like a millionaire. After the market fell in early 2018, the plan had to be adjusted. In the meantime, Taihuttu and his family continue to live off cryptocurrencies.

Michael Gu
On his Instagram account, Michael intelligently and easily talks about the latest news of the crypto market and shares his knowledge in the field of technical analysis. He also writes a lot about the industry on his Instagram.

Korean Jew Trading
This account is maintained by a successful trader Jake. He talks about trading and technical analysis on all his platforms. There are also enough schedules on Instagram, but besides them, there are memes followers can laugh at.

Rachel Siegel
Rachel Siegel talks about the industry funnily and clearly. You can also find photos from numerous trips and performances on his Instagram account.

Heidi Chakos
Heidi is a little-known girl in the crypto community. She is the author of a popular and positive YouTube channel about cryptocurrencies, Crypto Tips. She hardly talks about cryptocurrency on her Instagram account but posts photos from her travels and shares her motivation.

CryptoExplorer is the most prominent Instagram account dedicated to cryptocurrencies. You can find posts about the leading industry news, interesting facts, and jokes there. The main focus is on educational content, generously flavoured with stylish infographics and statistics.

The Cryptograph
A news account maintained by a crypto community from Scotland. You will find simple explanations and an overview of the leading news on this account.

Follow this account, and you won’t miss important news by looking at photos with infographics. You can also follow the backstage of the crypto industry.

ShareCrypto is the account where you can find the most important and the latest market news in an easy-to-read format. This is everything that a simple crypto user needs.

The account belongs to BitBoy. He is one of the bearded and cheerful hosts of the Beards & Bitcoins podcast. He makes announcements of his articles and posts memes on his Instagram account.

Brekkie von Bitcoin
Brekkie von Bitcoin is a crypto comedian and sculptor from Los Angeles. He posts memes and jokes, his artwork, crypto motivational quotes, and also talks about his travels on Instagram.



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