Top Crypto Influencers on YouTube and Twitter

Who Are Influencers (Crypto Influencers)?

As the name suggests, Cryptocurrency influencers are individuals and entities that have a deep understanding of the cryptocurrency industry, how it works and breathes, how it changes, and what comes next.

Who Are People Listening To?

According to one 2018 study by Grin, about 30% of cryptocurrency users base their crypto trading and investment choices on the recommendations of these influencers, and only 3% follow the advice of “celebrities”.

Top Crypto Influencers

Especially for those who have only recently learned how Bitcoin differs from Ethereum, we have prepared a small rating of the most reputable influencers in the cryptocurrency industry. Yes, their statements and comments are not the ultimate truth. But the opinion of these people, at least, is worth listening to.

Top 5 YouTube Cryptocurrency Influencers

Amir Rozic

Amir Rozic has the ability to explain very technological things in ways that the masses can understand. Amir Rozic is a cryptocurrency influencer, serial entrepreneur, Blockchain evangelist, and founder of BlockGeeks, an online education platform. He is also a YouTube personality, crypto expert, and enthusiast. Amir is also the founder of Rosic Media, a niche digital marketing company that has helped many companies use the latest and greatest marketing strategy to support their business. This youtube channel will be helpful.

Ivan On tech

Ivan is an international speaker, cryptocurrency influencer, blockchain educator, software developer, and data scientist. Ivan’s Youtube channel Ivan on Tech is a truly global phenomenon that spreads knowledge about bitcoin and blockchain technology to hundreds of thousands of viewers around the world. Ivan simplifies the complex, offering entertaining and engaging conversations. Visit one of Ivan’s performances, and you will have a blast.


Managed by a guy named Omar. Omar is an Ethereum miner, bitcoin enthusiast, and stock cryptocurrency investor. He likes to be up to date with the latest cryptocurrency news. Thus, I develop my own opinion, which will further help you develop your own. On his channel, you will enjoy condensed and compiled crypto news from respected sources, advice, participation in a vibrant crypto community, and more. There is a lot of news about politics, crypto regulations, tips, and reviews. This channel is also home to many musical adventures, piano instruments, theatrical performances, games, and more.


Probably one of the fastest-growing channels on YouTube. DataDash is a one-stop-shop for everything related to cryptocurrencies, data analytics, and science, as well as spotting global trends with cutting-edge analysis. The channel is managed by Nicholas Merten, a crypto analyst. He has been involved in cryptocurrencies for a long time and provides insightful videos of his favorite picks, as well as continuing to come to the live session to calm the situation when most people are panicking due to a sudden correction or FUD.


Bitcoin is a global phenomenon, and interest in cryptocurrencies is growing all over the world. Boxmining is the only YouTube channel with a truly global reach. The person behind the channel breaks down the most important topics into easy-to-understand videos and talks about how it is perceived both in the East and the West. Whether it’s Bitcoin, DASH, Ethereum, or Decred, he hasn’t left any technology unnoticed. Best of all, everything is presented in a short, easy-to-understand video.

Top 5 Twitter Influencers

Andreas M. Antonopoulos

Andreas M. Antonopoulos has been involved in cryptocurrencies for a long time. CoinDesk has named him “Bitcoin’s top thought leader and ambassador,” who has made the list of influencers several times, including being ranked #1 in 2014. He even wrote a book about it (or one of the — “Mastering Bitcoin”), and he is a frequent headliner of crypto conferences. He has written books such as Unlocking Digital Currencies and Mastering Ethereum.

Roger Ver “Bitcoin Jesus”

The man behind Bitcoin Cash. He claims to be the world’s first crypto investor in crypto-related startups. Previously, he was clearly interested in Bitcoin, and now it is Bitcoin Cash. He is bullish on this token, and his tweets are often powerful enough to manipulate the entire market. He is a very controversial figure and has a controversial reputation throughout the industry.

Vitalik Buterin

Vitalik Buterin is a Russian Canadian programmer co-founder of Ethereum. He regularly gives his opinion on how Ethereum will help reduce the transition rate. He also talks about how more and more applications should be built on the Ethereum blockchain. Most recently, he tweeted that he might quit if people keep talking about Lambos and the moon.

Charlie Lee

He is the creator of Litecoin and former director of development at Coinbase. He is active on Twitter, keeping up with every turn and hard fork on the road. In 2017, he also saw a significant increase in subscribers, from less than 30K at the beginning of this year to about 558K at the latest check. Back in December, he made headlines for announcing that he had sold and donated his stake in Litecoin to avoid conflict.

Ian Balina

Ian Balina is an influential investor, advisor, and evangelist in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. He has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, CNBC, Huffington Post, The Street, INC, and Entrepreneur Magazine for his work in analytics, cryptocurrencies, and entrepreneurship. He became famous for his ICO list, which he shares in his videos.

Joshua Sigala

Joshua Sigala, CEO of Vaultoro, the only Bitcoin and physical gold exchange. He has been in the bitcoin/blockchain space since 2010 and helped pioneer the sharing economy by launching the first exchange site in the late 90s. He co-hosts the crypto podcast Tatiana’s Show and tweets interesting crypto information and opinions on a daily basis. You can follow him to keep up to date with everything that happens in the crypto space.


Some of the biggest and best crypto influencers can be found and followed on social media for free. These are experts who have been working in the cryptocurrency world for many years.



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