Tron Token Development: A Full Guide

What Is Tron Token?

The founder and CEO of Tron, Justin Sun, is known for his vivid promotion of Tron and its products, such as BitTorrent, the TRX crypto-token, the crypto wallet, and the blogging platform Steamit. Tron’s influence continues to grow at a rapid pace. So, what is Tron, and why are both the framework and the Tron token gaining popularity?

Tron Tokens

Tron token TRX is a proof-of-stake digital asset that powers the Tron blockchain network. It’s a censorship-resistant digital currency that acts as a medium of transfer and can be sent or received by anyone in the world who has a TRX Tron wallet.

Tron Network

Tron token development was aimed at speeding up the process. Tron can handle 2 000 transactions per second. It is in sharp contrast to Ethereum’s 25 transactions per second limit. Tron can also produce 3 blocks per second compared to Ethereum’s 1 block production time of 15 seconds.

What Is TRC10 Token?

TRC10 is an industrial ICO (Initial coin offering) token standard. It was a form of project financing initially released on the Tron mainnet, that is, TRC10 is a native asset. Most of the digital currencies based on Tron are TRC10 currencies since they are extremely easy to build within the system.

What Is TRC20 Token?

TRC-20 is a digital asset standard used for smart contracts on the Tron blockchain to issue and distribute currencies with assistance offered by the Tron Virtual Machine. TRC20 is a general list of rules that define the interaction between tokens, including transfer between addresses and access to contract information.

What Is TRC721 Token?

According to the document that contains technical descriptions of token issuance using standards, TRC-721 is a set of common interfaces for the first Non-Fungible Token (NFT) on the Tron network. It is fully compatible with ERC-721.

Key Features of Tron Tokens

We would like to share several reasons why users prefer Tron to other blockchain networks:

  • The project created the largest stablecoin and has an impressive multi-token support
  • It is advantageously to make transactions due to the fair gas fee
  • The Tron groupware offers decently fast trades in the peer-to-peer decentralized network
  • Tron provides safe trades and currency swaps
  • A Tron virtual machine has an efficient connection with all the recent market developments.

How to Create a Token on Tron Network?

A Tron token development process includes several steps. Firstly, blockchain developers need to switch to the Tronscan platform and connect a wallet. Secondly, you need to select the Blockchain and Token Tracker tab. There you click on the Create Token button. At this stage, you need to specify which type of token will be created — TRC10 or TRC20. The platform provides some useful tips for choosing the type depending on the purpose of the token.

What Is a Tron Virtual Machine?

In the beginning, Tron operated on the Ethereum blockchain framework. After some time it switched to its own framework complete with a unique currency. The next step was the launch of the TVM, the Tron Virtual Machine, which allows programmers to create a contract of any degree of complexity.

What Is Tron Token Development?

A company that makes its focus Tron digital currency creation usually needs a good grasp on how the Tron blockchain works since all Tron digital assets operate within this framework

Who Is the Developer of Tron?

Tron Token Development Services

Nowadays, Tron token development is in high demand. It is famous for its large selection of services and features that can be developed and improved. Versatility and ease of use make Tron a tasty morsel for both users and service developers.

  • Tron Decentralized Application (DApp) development
  • TRC10 Token and TRC 20 Token development
  • Tron wallet coding
  • Tron station coding
  • Smart contract development
  • API integration

What Projects Are Built on Tron?

Tether is perhaps the largest and most well–known project using the TRC-20 token standard. Tron-USDT is now more popular than Ethereum-USDT, and transactions on the first exceeded the number of transfers of the second one in early 2021. This means that high fees for Ethereum transactions are a barrier for many users.


Tron has a lot going for it. It’s rapidly growing and creators that base their work on Tron can easily create utility software that can easily be distributed around the world.



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