What Is an NFT, and What Are the Perspectives of This Technology?

The Technical Aspect of the Digital Asset

Copyright and Digital Art

Rights of Ownership to a Digital Artwork

The Gaming Industry and NFTs

Collectors and NFT

The Real Estate Market and NFT

Non-fungible Tokens in the Cinema Industry

The Consumer Market and NFTs

NFTs of Network Attributes

The Place of NFT in Decentralized Finance

Why Would Anyone Buy an NFT?

  1. Collectors seek out unique digital assets to create or replenish their NFT collections.
  2. Crypto proponents explore the new concept of a non-fungible token and enjoy having their own NFTs.
  3. Fans support digital artists by purchasing their works.
  4. Gamers explore a new way of getting artifacts.
  5. Traders look for high-potential digital objects to use as collateral.

What Is an NFT Marketplace?

Binance NFT

  • minting — 0.000001 BNB;
  • NFT trading — 1% of the value;
  • deposit and withdrawal — depending on the blockchain where the NFTs are transferred to or from.



Why Do Some Experts Predict a Quick Downfall for NFT?

Storing an NFT-Related Object

The Environmental Issues



How Can You Use NFTS in Your Business Right Now?




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