What Is Metaverse? The Development of New Virtual Worlds

7 Characteristics of the Metaverse Technology

  1. Combining physical and virtual worlds, open and closed platforms, and private and public networks into a single digital space.
  2. The presence of its own economy — people and companies, can receive some remuneration for their work and dispose of it right here: spend, invest, exchange.
  3. The an unlimited number of users who can be there at one time.
  4. Continuous existence. The metaverse does not reset, end, or pause.
  5. Work in real-time, not dependent on external factors.
  6. Compatibility of data, items, content, and assets that are transferred between digital worlds.
  7. Filled with experience and content created by its own users.

VR Helmets, Avatars, and NFTs: How the Metaverse Project Works

More Organic Interaction: Who Creates the Metaverse and Why


Epic Games



Skills Required for a Metaverse Developer


Software Development Skills

XR Technologies


Creative Vision and Thinking

Animation and Graphics

Upgrading Your Soft Skills

“In the Coming Years, You Should Not Expect a Miracle”: What Is the Future of the Metaverse Development

  • interoperability — the ability to work on any device;
  • decentralization — independence from any particular company or server;
  • persistence, when the world lives its own life, even if you are disconnected from it.



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